We’re looking forward to meeting you


During the interview process you’ll meet smart, passionate people who can tell you more about the role, their experiences, and our firm. They’re ready to answer all of your questions and help you make an informed decision about the next phase of your career.


Every team member has the opportunity to make an impact starting on day one. That’s why we seek talented, team-oriented people who are hungry for new experiences and eager to learn.

You will be the right fit if you have the following skills:
  1. Love of Learning
  2. Problem Solver
  3. Collaborative Mindset
  4. Spirit to work and contribute

Interview Tips

Just as there’s more than one path to succeed at IT OPENDOORS, there’s more than one path to arrive here as well. When you interview with us, it’s a two-way conversation that may be different for each person.

Behavioural Interview

Behavioral interviewing may sound intimidating, but really, we’re just getting to know you. We want to make sure you’ll be happy and successful at IT OPENDOORS and in the role you’re applying to. You’ll want to be prepared to share a few examples of past experiences with us. We’ll listen for those skills and attributes that we know equip people to thrive at IT OPENDOORS and establish careers they feel passionate about.

Core Skills Checks

Evaluating your technical skills is a part of process. This will ensure that you can work independently and able to deliver product on time, We also look into your experience and evaluate accordingly. This will ensure to bring confidence about your profile, core skills and technologies you have gained during your previous experience. Most importantly we also check your key learnings like how you have upskilled yourself

Communication Skills

We will be evaluating your active listening skills, confidence levels, how you are probing for more information when necessary, how you are able to express yourself logically. Most importantly, how you deal with issues if you get stuck in the middle of project delivery like how do you communicate with peers about the problem and explain to them a clear problem statement.